Demanding Representation

Posted on December 10, 2010


Here is the letter I sent to my Colorado senators asking them to support Bernie Sanders:

Mr. Bennett/Mr. Udall

I am highly supportive of Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont and his heroic efforts in his filibuster. Please support him and his stance by voting NO on the current package.

We, the wage earning middle class represent the vast majority of the country. Giving breaks to the 2% at the top and, in the case of the inheritance tax, the top .1% does nothing but help the redistribution of wealth upward even further. Wealth disparity is worse in the US than any other OECD country except Mexico and Turkey. This has led to the highest corporate profits in US HISTORY this last quarter while unemployment is almost 10% and child poverty is at a 30 year high. This is unacceptable.

I am proud of Mr. Sanders and consider him America’s senator for sticking up for us. I wish to have the same pride in my Senator so please support his efforts.

Feel free to copy and paste or just contact your Senators as well. I have also called Senator Sanders’ office to demonstrate my appreciation. Bernie Sanders is a true statesmen and is performing an historic filibuster!

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