Open Letter to President Obama

Posted on December 3, 2010


I sent the following letter to our President:

Dear President Obama,

I, along with many other progressives, actively supported you for president by volunteering time, money and just plain spreading the word. We did so because 30 years of supply side, trickle-down economics has taken a drastic toll on the wage earners and middle class of this country while the income disparity has risen to an all time high.

A big reason for this is the unfair taxation system that has allowed the top 2% to accumulate wealth while trade policies have created a system in which wages are driven lower.

The time to stand up is NOW. We elected you to fix this country not to capitulate to the GOP. The midterm elections did not indicate a referendum for the GOP, it actually represented disillusionment with the lack of fortitude from you sir, and our democratic congress. I urge you to stand firm and let the tax cuts expire for those making $250,000 and above, we need reinvestment in business not further accumulation of wealth.

I assure you that your base demands strength and courage in the face of this onslaught of  corporate funded GOP power and if the tax rates are extended for the wealthy at the expense of the rest of us, you will lose our support, because we will have lost our hope and nothing has changed.

I ask everyone to do the same. We, the 98% of the population that has seen our jobs evaporate overseas, our wages stagnate, and our economy fall apart, need to demand our elected officials fight for us, not the 2% that are profiting at our expense. Income disparity is higher now than it has been in our nations history since right before the depression, you know, the time of the robber barons! I sent a similar letter to my Senator Michael Bennett.

Bush’s tax breaks, combined with two wars, and continued deregulation, has contributed more to the deficit than any other factors. It is also the height of hypocrisy for the GOP and the right to claim Christianity yet be diametrically opposed to their religion’s founder. The GOP is all about cutting spending on “entitlements” you know, those programs that help the less fortunate and sick, while simultaneously actively enabling and defending the accumulation of wealth by the top 2 % Hmmm… WWJD?

So write Obama and your reps and demand that the wealthy reinvest in this nation by paying their fare share.

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